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What types of coater are there

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What types of coater are there:
Brush type
Brush type coating machine coating equipment is the oldest, the first in 1850s for the use of clay wall wallpaper coating paint production. There are 3 different types of brush type coating head: round brush head, roll coater and blanket cover coating head. Figure 1 is an early use of the brush type coating head
Air knife
The advent of the air knife coating machine in 1930s marked the birth of the modern paper coating industry. The air knife coater has overcome the shortcomings of the brush coater, and has been popularized rapidly, resulting in a sharp increase in the output of coated paper.
Scraper type
In 1950s, the first patent of the scraper type coating machine appeared.  Since then, the technology of scraper coater has been developed rapidly.  According to the feeding equipment, scraper type and scraper is installed at different positions, the scraper coating head is also divided into many kinds, such as hard blade coating machine, coating machine, scraper blade soft blade coater, fountain type feeding blade coater, short dwell coating machine, coating machine, scraper scraper Bill roller coating machine.
Roller type
Roll coating is used to apply coating roll to the coated surface, and the coating machine is the main coating machine in the machine. The coating amount can be adjusted by measuring the pressure between the rolls, the pressure is strengthened, the amount of the coating is reduced and the coating amount is reduced. Type of roller coater:
1, press roller coater
2, reverse roller coater
3, transfer roller coater
4, gravure roller coater
Spray coating
Spray coating technology is a non-contact coating method. The paper or paperboard can be coated on one side or double side by controlled high pressure spray technology (Shi Jiao).
curtain coating
The multi-layer curtain coating machine can give the inkjet printing paper surface three layers of structure (bottom layer, absorbing layer and top layer) only after one coating operation, and it can get uniform coating on uneven paper surface.
Slot Coating
Slit coater, coating liquid storage tank; pump for the coating fluid coating liquid storage pot through a supply pipe pressure to a nozzle; control unit for controlling pump and nozzle working pressure detection section for detecting pipeline pressure, when the pressure reaches a predetermined pressure conditions when the nozzle out coating liquid.
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