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What are the cautions for the use of the coater?

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What are the cautions for the use of the coater?
3) set the coating operation mode and relevant parameters (coating speed, segment length, gap length, roller speed ratio, etc.), then connect the compressed air (adjust the pneumatic control box pressure regulating valve to make the aerodynamic pressure between 0.2 and 0.3Mpa).
4) start the drying fan and the drying temperature control instrument.
5) connect the power of the automatic correction and tension controller.
6) the temperature of each section of the equipment has reached the temperature of the process.
7) feed the hopper of the coating device, and start the coating machine for coating.
1.3 shutdown procedure
1) it is confirmed that the coated pole has been wound and then stopped.
2) shut down the power supply of the equipment heater, and stop the drying fan and other fans when the temperature of each section falls below 60 degrees centigrade.
3) stop the compressed air.
4) disconnect the power supply on the rectifying cabinet and the control cabinet.
1.4 matters of attention
1) the operator must receive pre job training and be allowed to go to the post after the examination is qualified, and should strictly observe the operating rules.
2) in addition to the necessary maintenance personnel, it is strictly prohibited to operate the equipment or to change the setting parameters.
3) the roller speed ratio is set in the range of 1.3 ~ 1.5.
4) it must be confirmed that the air heater can be started after the dryer has been started.
5) when adjusting the gap between the coating roller and the back roller, it should be based on the principle that the slurry on the coating roller is just wiped away and the back roller is not stuck. The parallel and clearance of the two rollers must be ensured.
6) after resetting the parameters, we must press the placement button to change the parameters.
7) clean the hopper, scraper, coating roll and back roll with alcohol or acetone immediately after the shutdown of each class, and no scratch and damage on the surface.
8) pay attention to the cleaning and lubrication of the back roller cylinder and the straight line rail.
9) the parts of the machine bearing must be lubricated regularly, and the reducer must be regularly changed or supplemented.
10) in the course of operation, the problem must be recorded and informed to the relevant departments in time for timely treatment.
11) always do a good job of equipment 5S, keep the equipment and the surrounding environment clean and tidy.
This operating procedure is only applicable to the ST350- type III pole coater.
2. operation procedure of coating process
2.1 the requirements of the process are:
1) the first coating length deviation less than 1mm, the coating gap deviation less than 1mm.
2) second surface and the first surface of the maximum displacement is less than or equal to 0.5mm.
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