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thermal paper coating machine engineering case

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TB-1400mm thermal paper coating machine:


Main technical parameters:


 TB-1400 type

coating method

gravure roller and wind knife coating method

coating effective width


unwinder diameter


rewinding diameter


unwinder and rewinder method

single station hydraulic life type

coating speed

10-80m/min(depending to the material)

machine speed


overall machine diamension


machine weight


the roller heating method

steam heating




1.overall machine adopt 5 frequency motors control,the tension (unwinding,coating,traction,rewinding) adopt the JAPAN MITSUBISHI PLC system active control,through the man interface touch screen to control and display,improve the machine's tension reliability.
2.unwinding frame is single station hydraulic lift type,adopt magnetic powder control the tension actively.
3.wind-knife coating method:the quantity of wind control by the high pressure wind machine.
4.anilox roller coating method: blade shaft adopt heavy double shafts type machine,independent swing,the blade adjust method is manual with pneumatic type,the angle adjust free,the anilox roller mesh determine the coating thickness,different  thicknesss need chage different meshes anilox roller.
5.oven is 18m, 18m for 6sections control temperature independently,heater out set up,inner adopt steam radiator.there have back wet system in the exit of oven.
6.oven inner guide wheel synchronous with main motor,adopt synchronous belt wheel type drive,reduce the mateiral stretch and deformation, cylinder pneumatic open oven and film pass operation panel so that worker can work very easily.
7. between coating roller to traction steel roller's tension synchronous adopt float swing arm type and control by PLC actively.
8.auto-length and speed meter device
9.webguide adopt EPC register to assure the trimness when rewinding.
10.unwinding and rewinding adopt key tyoe airshaft for easily operate when loading and unloading the material.
11.before rewinding,set up the dryer and cooler,make the material smooth and wet effect. 

12.rewinding frame is single station hydraulic lift type

machine can customize according to requests and above information just for reference.
A.according to customers' different requests custom-made the machine(the coating effective width range from 300mm to 2500mm).
B.rewinding frame have various kinds:single station loading material by manual,single station hydraulic type,double station electrical rotation type,double station electric zipper climb type,double station electric rotation roulette type.
C.oven heating methods: electric heating,conduction oil heating,steam heating ect.
D.coating methods: gravure roller coating,double rollers coating,three rollers coating,five rollers coating,comma blade coating, air blade coating ect.
E.the work speed is propotion to the material,the coating thickness,oven length and dry temperature.


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